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BCM Announces Trident as UAE Partner

MOUNT VERNON, NY – JULY 17, 2006 - BCM Architectural is pleased to announce that Trident Gulf (www.tridentgulf.com) has become our representative in the sales & marketing of ShimmerScreen® in the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Arabian Gulf. Trident is located in the booming emirate of Dubai, where each new development requires the invention of a whole new range of superlatives.
    "Trident provides the expertise in sophisticated design and level of dedication to its clients that blends with the objectives of BCM Architectural," says William Taubner, Vice President.
    "Trident represents the best in Architectural Finishes manufacturers and believes that the addition of ShimmerScreen® confirms our position as the regions prime source of high-end customizable finishes," says Trident's Managing Director Chris Oliver. "Our primary role is to defend the specifications inherent in the design intent so as to ensure no loss of integrity during the build. The partnership between our two companies will prove to be hugely beneficial and is sure to serve the best interests of Designers, Architects, Clients and Contractors, knowing that they have a reliable contact to develop ShimmerScreen® business in this booming area."
    ShimmerScreen® by BCM Architectural has been taking the design world by storm. Appearing in style at prominent retail establishments, premier restaurants, clubs, hospitality venues, and used on stage and screen around the world, ShimmerScreen® is custom fitted to the customer's requirements and available in a variety of finishes, shapes, sizes and colors.