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Maximus Spa & Salon
New York, NY
The Maximus Spa and Salon in Soho used ShimmerScreen for unique salon design effects in their 6,000 square foot spa and salon space to project a chic, high-tech approach to relaxation and beauty. Modern curtains by Shimmer Screen are used as room dividers for the hair salon areas and create openings to the spa treatment rooms and beyond. The large beads create a flowing, textured look, and ShimmerScreen is used as partitions and space dividers throughout to preserve the openness of the space without sacrificing privacy. Honored as "Salon of the Year" by Salon Magazine in 2002, the Maximus Spa and Salon achieved the impact they were looking for.

Project Information
     ∙ Beaded curtains are 3/8" Nickel Plated Steel Shimmer Screen
     ∙ Curved screens were used as area separators to create intimacy without enclosure throughout the spa & salon
     ∙ Entrances to various areas of the spa were created by swagging curtain screens to create soft doorways
     ∙ Columns of beaded chain were created by tying the strands together to match the architectural elements