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ShimmerScreen is suited for numerous applications and comes in a variety of styles. Each bead style has a unique visual property that allows the designer or architect to harness characteristics according to their vision.

Round bead chain curtain example


Faceted style ball chain curtain example


ball-bar syl bead chain curtain example

Ball Bar


We understand how unique and complex design projects can be, and that is why we offer a wide selection of finishes and colors.  Some finishes are perfect for outdoors, and others are well suited for interior applications. If you would like to know more about the different finishes and how they can help you achieve your vision, contact us and a ShimmerScreen specialist would be to happy assist you.

Nickle plated steel or brass ball chain cutain sample pictures

Nickel Plated Steel or Brass

Sophisticated silver tone and highly polished finish.

Offered over steel or brass.

Brass plated steel ball chain cutain sample picture

Brass Plated Steel

Traditional gold tone adds

color and warmth.

Aluminum ball chain cutain sample picture


This silver color option made from a light-weight material is suitable for environments where rusting and/or weight is a concern. Will not rust, but is prone to oxidation over time.

Stainless steel ball chain cutain sample picture

Stainless Steel

This option provides excellent durability and is ideal for indoor/outdoor applications, including showers, pool settings, bathroom applications, etc.

yellow brass ball chain cutain sample picture

Yellow Brass

Bright gold tone

made from a high-quality

yellow brass material. Can be used outdoors and will oxidize, creating a visually appealing patina.

Antique brown ball chain cutain sample picture

Antique Brown

A subtle earth tone, perfect for matching deep shades in indoor settings.

Medieval brown ball chain cutain sample picture

Medieval Brass

An Antique Bronze plate. Slightly darker finish when compared to the Antique Brown finish.

dungeon ball chain cutain sample picture


Antique zinc plating produces a stone grey color.

mystic red ball chain cutain sample picture

Mystic Red


Antique copper plating generates an aged copper appearance.

gun metal ball chain cutain sample picture

Gun Metal

A hematite color finish with dark luster that is ideal for a sophisticated environment.

powder coated ball chain cutain sample picture

Custom ColoRS

A full range of powder coat colors and textures, featuring special effects finishes and the smooth and glossy series.

Drylac Powder Coatings Special Effects

Drylac Powder Coatings Interior/Exterior

Drylac Powder Coatings Essentials

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