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Corporate Offices

Impress your customers, inspire your employees, and create a space you're proud to work in by incorporating ShimmerScreen into your office redesign. Our high-quality ball chain curtains provide companies with immense versatility when redesigning space. Shimmerscreen can partition workspaces and create a striking visual element in your reception area.


From single location bistros to leading restaurants, ShimmerScreen has proudly helped create alluring, well-planned dining environments.  So whether you need to artfully partition or diffuse light in your dining area, our ball chain curtains are for you.

Retail Stores

In today's competitive retail environment, it is important that your displays differentiate you from the competition.  ShimmerScreen will help tell your brand's story and create an immersive experience for potential customers.

Salon & Spas

The salon and spa business necessitates a personalized environment for your patrons. Our versatile, custom ball chain curtains have helped countless spas and salons stand out from their competitors.


Are you ready to improve your home's surroundings?  Contact us today and discover how ShimmerScreen's metal ball chain curtains can help you Create Something New.

Trade Show Booths & Exhibits

Let ShimmerScreen ball chain curtains transform your exhibit design and create a memorable experience, which will turn visitors into customers. 


ShimmerScreen is featured in some of the most recognized hotel and hospitality venues around the world.  We have partnered with Hunter Douglas Hospitality for the exclusive United States distribution of ShimmerScreen.

Is your project in the U.S.?

Is your project outside the US

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