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Track System

The ShimmerScreen track system for beaded curtains, room dividers, modern curtains, space partitions, room separators, partitions, area separators, wall coverings, chain curtains, window treatments, and other custom projects.

Simply insert the last bead of each strand into the supplied track. The track profile varies based on the diameter of the bead.   Single Track System
Single Track System  
Double Track System  
Wall Mounted Track System  
Curved Track System  


How to Get Started
At ShimmerScreen, standard is not part of the vocabulary. Each ShimmerScreen is customized to your design needs.
     To begin the process, let us know the width and height of the screen(s) you require. For more complex designs and those including curved tracks, we can also review a drawing or CAD files to work out the dimensions. We will also need to know the bead diameter, finish, and style you want to use. If you are unsure, that is not a problem. We will be happy to discuss the different options with you or send samples for your review.

More Information
ShimmerScreen can weigh between 1 and 4 lbs per square foot depending on the diameter and finish. Suitable support must be in place prior to installation, please contact us if you want to confirm the weight of your ShimmerScreen project.